Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

In this section teachers are able to find some CLIL materials related to teaching and learning:


Ball, P. / Kelly, K. / Clegg, J. (2015). Putting CLIL into Practice (Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers)

Putting CLIL into Practice offers a new methodological framework for the CLIL classroom, focusing on how to guide input and support output.
Full of real-life examples and practical guidelines, the book provides support to both novice and experienced CLIL teachers.





Chadwick, T. (2012). Language Awareness in Teaching: A Toolkit for Content and Language Teachers. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Produced with University of Cambridge International Examinations, the Toolkit helps teachers to develop language awareness to support their students with the academic language they need to be successful in subjects taught through English. With reflective questions and activities, it can be used either for self-study or in training modules. Useful for both content and English language teachers, it is aimed primarily at those who teach students for whom English is not their first language – for example as part of a bilingual or CLIL programme or in an international English-medium school.


Coyle, D. / Hood, P. / Marsh, D. (2010). CLIL – Content and Language Integrated Learning. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) has emerged since the millennium as a major trend in education. Written by Do Coyle, Philip Hood and David Marsh and drawing on their experience of CLIL in secondary schools, primary schools and English language schools across Europe, this book gives a comprehensive overview of CLIL. It summarises the theory which underpins the teaching of a content subject through another language and discusses its practical application, outlining the key directions for the development of research and practice. This book acknowledges the uncertainty many teachers feel about CLIL, because of the requirement for both language and subject knowledge, while providing theoretical and practical routes towards successful practice for all.