Consolidating Good CLIL Practice

In view of the Covid-19 crisis, we are working on way to deliver the CLIL summer school online. Please consult the website regularly for updates.

13 – 17 July 2020

Course location:

  • Aston University, Aston Triangle, Birmingham B4 7ET, UK

Course facilitators:

  • Peeter Mehisto, University College London Institute of Education, UK
  • Tuula Asikainen, CLILedu, Finland
  • With contributions of Aston University staff

Course objectives – Participants will:

  • consolidate their understanding of the essential features of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)
  • build teaching competences specific to CLIL especially in the development of critical thinking, scaffolds and the use of assessment as a tool for learning both content and language
  • experience examples of good CLIL practice
  • develop and share ideas.

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