CLIL Mondays

Online CLIL talks

Learning through Languages UK and the Centre for Language Research at Aston are pleased to announce the launch of « CLIL Mondays », the second Monday of each month from 4.30 to 5.30.This series of online talks is aimed at teachers at primary, secondary and tertiary levels who have an interest in Content and Language Integrated Learning. CLIL Mondays combine short 30-min talks on aspects of CLIL with Q&A time. From Spring 2021, one session per term will be open to practitioners for sharing of good practice, you are warmly invited to come and present your CLIL work…


Monday 9th November (4.30-5.30)


Monday 14th December (4.30-5.30)


Monday 11th January (4.30-5.30)


 Monday 8th February (4.30-5.30)


Monday 8th March (4.30-5.30)


Monday 12th April (4.30-5.30)


Monday 10th May (4.30-5.30)


Monday 14th June (4.30-5.30)


Monday 12th July (4.30-5.30)