Who are we?

Who are Learning through Languages UK?

Learning through Languages UK aims to increase the uptake in languages and raise achievement levels across all subjects in schools through bilingual education. We draw on shared expertise across educational sectors and public stakeholders in order to coordinate, resource, train, research and disseminate, the implementation of learning subjects such as geography or history through the medium of a foreign language (an approach sometimes known as Content and Language Integrated Learning or CLIL)

Across the UK there are pockets of activity in learning through languages, but these remain fragmented and dependent on individuals, often lacking sustainability. Learning through Languages UK will therefore connect the existing community of practitioners and informal networks at both school and university level, drawing on their expertise to achieve maximum impact. Our ultimate aim is to develop a golden thread of language learning from primary school through to university.

The leading partners are Aston University, University of Edinburgh, Manchester Metropolitan University, Sheffield Hallam University and Westminster University.