In this section teachers are able to find some CLIL materials related to management:


Marsh, D. (2000). Using Languages to Learn and Learning to Use Languages. Finland, University of Jyväskylä.


CLIL 4 had more disappointing outcomes. Even when they leave school, and later in their lives, they find it difficult to use the language actively, as a tool for real-life communication in everyday situations.



Mehisto, P. (2012). Excellence in Bilingual Education: A Guide for School Principals. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Produced with University of Cambridge International Examinations, this is a practical guide to support school principals in the implementation of bilingual education, and to help schools with an existing bilingual programme to evaluate and improve their practice. This is the first guide to focus on the development and organisation of a bilingual education programme from the perspective of the school principal. The book suggests how the major stakeholders – principal, teachers, students and parents – can work together effectively as a cohesive team. Drawing on best practice and research, it includes perspectives from school managers and teachers around the world.


  Mehisto, P. Planning considerations for CLIL. Content and Language Integrated Learning.