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Data Protection for IAFL Members

You have the right to request access to your information, modify it, and delete it. You also have the right to be informed as to how IAFL uses your information, and to lodge a complaint with IAFL if you feel your information is not secure or is not being processed properly.

Who is the IAFL Data Controller and Data Processor?

The International Association of Forensic Linguists (IAFL) is the Data Controller. The IAFL Secretary is the Data Processor. You may contact the IAFL Data Controller and Data Processor by emailing the IAFL Secretary at isabel(at)qedforensics(dot)com.

What kind of data does IAFL collect on you?

IAFL collects the information you provide on your ‘Manage Your Account’ Page. IAFL does not collect or hold any of your financial information.

Is this information mandatory?

Yes, IAFL requires this information to be able to provide the goods and services to you as part of your membership. You will need to confirm your acceptance of IAFL’s use of your information (as outlined below) before you complete registration, otherwise you will not be able to register as a member of IAFL.

How does IAFL use this information?

IAFL uses your email address to update you on matters associated with your membership and the good and effective management of the Association. We share your name, address, and email with Equinox, the publisher of the International Journal of Speech, Language and Law (IJSLL), in order to provide you with online access to the IJSLL and to post a hard copy of the Journal to you. We respect the privacy and confidentiality of your information and will not disclose it to any other third party without your consent unless required to by law.

How can I manage or delete information about me?

You have the right to see the information that IAFL holds on you. This is the information you provide on your ‘Manage Your Account’ page. You may change or delete the information IAFL holds on you at any time by amending or deleting the details on your “Manage Your Account” page. You may also delete your Account at any time by emailing the IAFL Secretary and request that your Account be deleted. When your Account is deleted, the information we hold on you will also be deleted.

How long does IAFL hold this information for?

IAFL will store your information for as long as the Association requires it to provide you with services associated with your membership. Once your membership expires, IAFL will hold your information for 3 months beyond the date of expiry of your membership in order to facilitate membership renewal. After three months, your account and information will be deleted and you will have to register again to renew your membership. For the same reason, we will also hold your information for 1 month after you have registered but not completed payment of your membership. After one month, your account and information will be deleted.

Where is IAFL registered for Data Protection?

IAFL is registered with the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.